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Jane at Canterbury Waterstones

New date: 22nd November, 2012.
Jane will be talking with Lesley Cookman about Lesley's new Kent-based novel Murder by Magic and Jane's novel Prime Time, which is set in Broadstairs. Read more…

Fourth Meeting Booked

The fourth Wannabe a Writer meeting has now been booked *. It's a nice pub in Kensington with flowers everywhere! It's cosy but surprisingly spacious inside. I had a nice lunch there on Friday, though very spicy! I hope everyone likes Thai food, as t… Read more…

Fourth Meeting Date Proposal

Hi everyone. We've had a great suggestion from Jane. On Thursday 16th July she's going to be involved in a book event at Waterstones in Notting Hill Gate in the evening. Why don't we meet up for our fourth lunch beforehand, probably somewhere in the Kensi… Read more…

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