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Fourth Meeting Pictures

The fourth Wannabe a Writer meeting was held in Notting Hill on 16th July 2009 at the Churchill Arms. Thanks to everyone who came. Here are some photos from the day. Click for larger images. Enjoy… Edit: All of the photographs can now be found on t… Read more…

Fourth Meeting Booked

The fourth Wannabe a Writer meeting has now been booked *. It's a nice pub in Kensington with flowers everywhere! It's cosy but surprisingly spacious inside. I had a nice lunch there on Friday, though very spicy! I hope everyone likes Thai food, as t… Read more…

Fourth Meeting Date Proposal

Hi everyone. We've had a great suggestion from Jane. On Thursday 16th July she's going to be involved in a book event at Waterstones in Notting Hill Gate in the evening. Why don't we meet up for our fourth lunch beforehand, probably somewhere in the Kensi… Read more…

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