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Resource Links

  • Open Education Database: 150 Resources to help you write better, faster, and more persuasively.

Coming later: A wide-ranging collection of resources, primarily aimed at readers, writers and book lovers.

Here are some of the ideas knocking about…


Articles, notes, book references and other media by authors, agents, editors and others in the publishing industry.

  • On writing: Ideas needed here.
  • On publishing: Ideas needed here.
  • On promotion: Ideas needed here.
  • On technology: The Captain and his delegates providing advice on things technical. This might be called "The Captain's Corner".


Articles of interest, aimed at the target audience of this site.

  • Interviews: Let's see if we can get some famous people on here!
  • How-to articles: Probably about writing and related subjects, but not necessarily restricted to that.
  • Technical: Articles to help people with their IT related work.


Resources for help with software-related things.

  • Blog gadgets: Bits and pieces for people to incorporate into their own blogs and web sites.
  • Writing tools: Could be anything from egg timers, to book project management tools. How about a gadget to simulate Lane's Pointy Stick?
  • Organisation tools: Reviews of writing management tools. Tips & tricks for office tools...
  • Reviews: Other software reviews. Who's going to volunteer for this one, I wonder?


Collections of information about things, such as:

  • Useful links: A searchable database of web pages.
  • People: A mini who's who in the writing and publishing world. We can also include popular bloggers here too.
  • Glossaries: An abbreviation and jargon buster for writing and publishing.


2 Comments for Resources

Isabella Tagore: 09-Nov-17 23:02:59

The 150 Resources Link is not working.

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Administrator: 10-Nov-17 09:50:01

Hello Isabella,

Thanks for reporting this. I have repaired the link.

K :)

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