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Tell us a bit about your writing. What are you working on? Do you have any success stories to share with us?


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View Reply 27/06/17 13:08:14 Glenda Hello everyone, I have just joined so feeling my way a little bit. Thi… Approved 1839
View Reply 27/06/17 15:05:59 Administrator › Hello Glenda, welcome aboard. I'm currently away in Scotland with limi… Approved 1840
View 30/06/17 20:05:13 Glenda ›› Thank you, enjoy your stay. Approved 1846
View Reply 22/05/12 19:49:44 andygoodman Hi everyone, I just wanted to let you know about my new novel which ha… Approved 457
View Reply 23/05/12 07:59:57 Captain Black › Well done and good luck. Approved 458
View Reply 21/09/11 18:46:16 Daveyboy By the way I have a Literary Agency who seem interested in my work. Fo… Approved 414
View Reply 29/09/11 19:06:37 Caitlin › By the way, I'm about half way through Heir of Allegna now :) Approved 419
View 02/10/11 16:41:01 Daveyboy ›› That is the best news I have heard for a while, I hope it doesn't diss… Approved 421
View Reply 21/09/11 19:09:14 Captain Black › I can't quite put my finger on it, but this is ringing alarm bells for… Approved 415
View 25/09/11 08:21:11 Daveyboy ›› There is a bit more than that, for a start they contacted me after a s… Approved 417
View Reply 31/07/11 17:01:06 Daveyboy It has been a great week for my little self published book. I am havin… Approved 403
View Reply 16/07/11 12:38:43 Daveyboy My book came yesterday, it is official, I am a published author, all b… Approved 397
View Reply 25/07/11 20:53:23 Daveyboy › I am on the Ukunpublished website now if anyone would like to buy my b… Approved 402
View Reply 19/07/11 08:39:48 Captain Black › Hi Daveyboy, Apologies for the delay in the appearance of your above c… Approved 400
View Reply 25/06/11 19:46:56 andygoodman Hi everyone, Just wanted to let you know that my third short story col… Approved 377
View Reply 05/06/11 15:35:35 andygoodman Hi Everyone, I've been really busy lately so haven't had a great deal … Approved 360
View Reply 07/06/11 18:35:53 Daveyboy › Good luck with that mate, sounds good. Approved 362
View Reply 20/02/11 14:35:09 Daveyboy The Heir of Allegna-Book I The Council of the Forest Realm, will soon … Approved 272
View Reply 20/02/11 17:05:11 Caitlin › I AM SO BUYING THIS! Good luck with it mate :) Approved 273
View 23/02/11 12:44:48 Daveyboy ›› God bless you Caitlin, you have made my day, see you sunday so to spea… Approved 274
View Reply 21/01/11 13:21:29 andygoodman Hello everyone, Wanted to let you know that I've just had a short stor… Approved 257
View Reply 25/01/11 11:31:05 Jane Wenham-Jones › Well done you! :-) all best jane Approved 263
View Reply 22/01/11 00:32:11 andygoodman › The second story - 'The Yankee Girlfriend' is now up as well. Have a l… Approved 258
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