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Here's where we can talk about meeting up with other members, even if it's just for social drinks (research, as some of us like to call it).


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View Reply 20/06/11 11:51:10 Barry Hi Everyone Just to say I greatly enjoyed the 6th Wannabe Literary Syp… Approved 371
View Reply 21/06/11 17:32:30 Captain Black › Some of the photos are by Bill and some are by Brigitte. Approved 372
View 27/06/11 09:05:06 Barry ›› Thanks Captain Black. Sorry, Brigitte - I should have been specific. H… Approved 379
View Reply 04/05/11 19:29:57 Barry Hi Kevin and Everyone Glad date fixed for Wannameetup Mk 6 (F.10.6.11.… Approved 347
View Reply 16/05/11 11:35:09 Captain Black › There are twelve so far. Approved 352
View 17/05/11 10:42:57 Barry ›› Thanks Kevin. Am looking forward to it. So far,I think we'll all fit r… Approved 354
View Reply 29/03/11 11:31:40 Captain Black Wanna Meet Up? VI — A Research Mission This Thursday (31st March… Approved 298
View Reply 01/04/11 22:02:40 Captain Black › Update You can now read my report of the mission. We have selected a v… Approved 307
View Reply 30/03/11 08:55:03 Barry › Hi again. In my reply last night: For "Rentokil" please read "Ronseal"… Approved 304
View 30/03/11 11:08:30 Captain Black ›› Thanks for the accolade anyway. Approved 305
View Reply 29/03/11 10:39:26 Jane Wenham-Jones › As it happens I'm in London on Thurs. Got appointments various but may… Approved 299
View 29/03/11 18:12:52 Barry ›› Hi Jane and Kevin This is amazing. I just entered the string of explet… Approved 303
View 29/03/11 11:23:54 Captain Black ›› Great! Hope to see you there. Approved 301
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