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This is where you can introduce yourself to the rest of the community. Tell us a bit about yourself and what you write.


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View Reply 29/06/17 15:03:14 Glenda Hello everyone, I'm Glenda and I live in beautiful Devon. I published … Approved 1845
View Reply 05/02/15 12:30:35 Dragonfly Hi All. I'm Cliff - started my Novel - one that I have put off writing… Approved 595
View Reply 05/02/15 13:41:21 Captain Black › Hi Cliff, welcome aboard and good luck with your novel. Approved 596
View Reply 06/09/14 16:05:34 angelstar59 Hello all, I am Steph from Burton-on-Trent in the Midlands. I am a 55 … Approved 593
View Reply 07/09/14 09:45:24 Captain Black › Hello Steph, nice to meet you. Do keep us posted on your progress. I'm… Approved 594
View Reply 05/05/13 14:57:51 Paul Hughes Hi everybody. I just joined today (Sunday May 5th 2013). I have been w… Approved 482
View Reply 06/05/13 14:42:15 Captain Black › Hi Paul, Welcome aboard. Some good advice you have; there are plenty o… Approved 487
View Reply 27/08/12 22:01:24 JulesOsborne Hi all! I'm gradually pushing myself forward to start writing... It's … Approved 466
View Reply 07/09/12 15:36:54 Captain Black › Hi Jules, Welcome aboard. Approved 467
View Reply 29/04/12 09:58:39 sharon2306 Gulp! Feeling very nervous and a bit of a fraud, but I AM a wannabe wr… Approved 452
View Reply 29/04/12 15:11:18 Jane Wenham-Jones › HI Sharon - lovely to hear from you and I'm so glad Wannabe was inspir… Approved 453
View Reply 14/05/11 20:37:10 thenewguy Hello I'm new here and thanks Jane for the link to the site Approved 351
View Reply 16/05/11 11:37:42 Captain Black › Hello Sam, welcome aboard. It was good to chat yesterday. Approved 353
View Reply 02/05/11 08:08:27 Karen Elizabeth Hi All I've been popping in every now and then but not not left a mess… Approved 340
View Reply 02/05/11 17:17:45 Captain Black › Hi Karen, You could try an "elevator pitch" approach. For each of your… Approved 342
View 04/05/11 11:53:47 Karen Elizabeth ›› Cheers, Captain. I like the idea of the dice and leaving it up to fate… Approved 345
View Reply 02/05/11 16:54:55 Daveyboy › Let the world around you pick one. If you have a story about a crime s… Approved 341
View 04/05/11 11:48:05 Karen Elizabeth ›› Thanks. Sounds like you have the makings of a best seller. Good luck w… Approved 344
View Reply 02/01/11 11:41:28 Daveyboy Hello everyone, if you like to get to know a bit about me "Daveyboy" c… Approved 239
View Reply 05/01/11 19:37:26 Captain Black › Hi Daveyboy, I've had a quick look at your Tigerpigs site. There are s… Approved 245
View Reply 08/12/10 16:24:48 MrsE1981 Hello all, I am very impressed with Jane's new site, I enjoyed the fir… Approved 222
View Reply 17/12/10 14:24:46 Jane Wenham-Jones › Nice to hear from you Nicola - am procrastination queen also :-/ Approved 227
View Reply 14/12/10 19:27:37 Daveyboy › Hello everyone, I am new. I have been on for a couple of days, and thi… Approved 223
View 17/12/10 18:41:11 MrsE1981 ›› I'll try and attend the live chat Sunday - I wanted to last Sunday, bu… Approved 229
View 17/12/10 14:23:45 Jane Wenham-Jones ›› HiDaveyboy! :-) We have live chats on sunday mornings usually from aro… Approved 226
View 17/12/10 09:22:04 wombleuk ›› Sadly it is the lot of a writer to be lonely when writing, but that do… Approved 225
View Reply 02/12/10 17:04:41 Graham Mole Hey folks - I've just joined. Any of you live in the BBC Radio Solent … Approved 215
View Reply 05/12/10 10:52:16 Jane Wenham-Jones › HI Graham - I don't but have been on the radio there! :-) Do tell us m… Approved 219
View Reply 04/11/10 21:06:13 Pete Linfield Hi, I've just subscribed to this website, so I thought that I would re… Approved 202
View Reply 04/11/10 21:26:56 Jane Wenham-Jones › HI Pete - great to hear from you and really hope you enjoy the book al… Approved 203
View 04/11/10 22:50:28 Pete Linfield ›› It's you! I'm looking forward to reading your new book. I really enjoy… Approved 204
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