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View Reply 08/01/12 12:51:54 Daveyboy It was so nice to be back in the Chat room this morning, as friendly a… Approved 442
View Reply 27/11/11 15:23:14 Caitlin CONFUSING NEW SITE IS CONFUSING :( Approved 436
View Reply 28/11/11 15:21:13 Administrator › Hi Caitlin, I welcome all feedback about the site. Is there any chance… Approved 437
View 04/12/11 10:16:54 Caitlin ›› The changes themselves weren't too much of a problem, I was just surpr… Approved 439
View Reply 18/09/11 10:17:09 Caitlin Hi guys :) Sorry, this video is nothing whatsoever to do with writing,… Approved 411
View Reply 21/09/11 18:09:10 Daveyboy › How very interesting, I quite like the song. How are you sweetie it ha… Approved 413
View 29/09/11 19:09:25 Caitlin ›› Fine thanks DB, how are you? Sorry to hear about your dog. Really enjo… Approved 420
View Reply 11/09/11 14:11:10 Pirate Bob Did anyone see this? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-surrey-14444… Approved 410
View Reply 03/09/11 13:52:21 Kass Wyatt Hi everyone Just joined today! Been writing short stories on and off (… Approved 407
View Reply 06/09/11 18:53:17 Pirate Bob › Best of luck Kass. Keep at it. I've written a novel but am unpublished… Approved 408
View 06/09/11 19:33:52 Kass Wyatt ›› Thanks Rob I work full-time as well, and have a 2 hour commute so I un… Approved 409
View Reply 28/08/11 14:10:41 Daveyboy Hello everyone, I have not been on for a while. I hope you are all doi… Approved 406
View Reply 28/08/11 14:05:25 Pirate Bob Hi there. Just joined up after reading 'Wannabe' and thought i'd check… Approved 405
View Reply 21/08/11 21:29:38 Caitlin Hey guys, sorry I missed chat AGAIN. I'll try and make it next time. A… Approved 404
View Reply 23/07/11 17:05:23 Caitlin This will probably be the last time today I'll be on the computer, and… Approved 401
View Reply 05/07/11 19:59:14 Jordi Hi I've just joined so thought I'd say hi :-) Jordi Approved 392
View Reply 06/07/11 08:31:10 andygoodman › Hi Jordi, It seems it's a bit quiet here at the moment but there's usu… Approved 393
View 07/07/11 08:06:20 Jane Wenham-Jones ›› HI Jordi and welcome. Hope to chat to you sometime janex Approved 394
View Reply 09/06/11 16:03:52 pebbles Hi,am new member - was directed to your great website from Sally Quilf… Approved 363
View Reply 09/06/11 20:25:54 Jane Wenham-Jones › Hi Pebbles and welcome We are planning to get the short list up on the… Approved 365
View 10/06/11 08:29:20 Captain Black ›› Hi Pebbles (and Jane), Welcome aboard. In general, information about c… Approved 367
View 09/06/11 21:35:22 pebbles ›› Many thanks for that! Also thanks to Jane and Daveyboy for the welcome… Approved 366
View Reply 09/06/11 18:53:40 Daveyboy › Hello Pebbles, its nice to have new members all the time. A few member… Approved 364
View Reply 07/06/11 18:35:03 Daveyboy Hello everyone! In the chat room on sunday, Annieye had a great idea a… Approved 361
View Reply 21/06/11 17:35:06 Captain Black › There was quite a bit of enthusiasm for this at the sixth Wannabe lunc… Approved 373
View Reply 24/05/11 18:46:27 Daveyboy Hello all, I hope you are well.....dont know what else to say....just … Approved 356
View Reply 18/05/11 17:24:05 Daveyboy My job is killing me, but my spirit is strong. I missed the chat room … Approved 355
View Reply 06/04/11 13:50:13 Auric Hi Everybody, Just subscribed and popped in to see what's happening. T… Approved 316
View Reply 07/04/11 20:09:56 Abi Cadell › Hi, Auric! I too am a newbie (but didn't manage to chat on Wednesday o… Approved 318
View 02/05/11 08:03:27 Karen Elizabeth ›› Hi Abi A piece of the house falling off? Surely there's a story in tha… Approved 339
View Reply 05/04/11 17:06:46 Barry Hi Captain Black Thanks for your message about what to do about messag… Approved 315
View Reply 31/03/11 18:51:09 Daveyboy Hello everyone I have been away for a while, there has obviously been … Approved 306
View Reply 25/03/11 17:45:42 Daveyboy Have a great weekend, just think what will be created by us guys, over… Approved 297
View Reply 22/03/11 00:52:18 Abi Cadell Hi, everyone! Just thought, as I've now plucked up the courage to join… Approved 291
View Reply 22/03/11 19:07:59 Daveyboy › Hello Abi, it is nice to have you pop in. There is a chat room on sund… Approved 293
View 23/03/11 09:26:49 Captain Black ›› Why don't we set up some more times for chats? What days/times are goo… Approved 295
View 22/03/11 22:48:50 Abi Cadell ›› Thank you for the lovely welcomes :-) Sadly I'm not generally around o… Approved 294
View Reply 22/03/11 10:58:04 Captain Black › {Waves back} Hi Abi, welcome to the gang. Approved 292
View Reply 18/03/11 18:11:31 Daveyboy Oh come on everyone, I will give you one month or so and this will be … Approved 284
View Reply 21/03/11 11:10:27 Captain Black › I don't really think we can compete with facebook or twitter. We have … Approved 287
View 21/03/11 20:29:05 Daveyboy ›› we don't want 280 million members, just those who matter to us, and ne… Approved 290
View 21/03/11 11:24:43 Jane Wenham-Jones ›› We can be a small, select elite... :-) Approved 288
View Reply 16/03/11 20:06:49 Daveyboy You know I think us members should use this meassage board more than j… Approved 280
View Reply 17/03/11 12:29:27 Jane Wenham-Jones › Thanks for posting this Davey - good idea. I'd certainly like to see m… Approved 281
View 17/03/11 19:36:51 Daveyboy ›› My book will be availible to buy etc in five to seven weeks, and I hav… Approved 283
View Reply 05/03/11 10:47:15 ericcuthbert How do I start a new thread?? Approved 276
View Reply 05/03/11 11:50:09 Captain Black › Hello Eric and welcome to the community. To start a new thread, simply… Approved 277
View 06/03/11 10:05:27 Daveyboy ›› Hello Eric; listen to the Captain is is very wise, as you would discov… Approved 279
View Reply 27/02/11 16:08:12 Daveyboy I have only owned Janes book, "wannabe a writer we've heard of?" for a… Approved 275
View Reply 05/03/11 19:59:52 Caitlin › Hope your better now DB, see you tomorrow :) Approved 278
View Reply 02/02/11 21:54:51 hosmond Hi there, just joined. Read Jane's book over Christmas and found it fu… Approved 268
View Reply 23/01/11 08:22:18 ann-livesey Hi there, just plucked up courage to join! Bit nervous, being fairly n… Approved 259
View Reply 20/02/11 14:16:23 Daveyboy › Hello Ann, you will get a lot of support here, everyone is very friend… Approved 271
View Reply 25/01/11 11:30:29 Jane Wenham-Jones › Welcome Ann - hope you'll find the site useful and get to know some of… Approved 262
View Reply 14/01/11 11:24:12 andygoodman Hi everyone, Just here to say 'hello'. I bought Jane's 'Wannabe a writ… Approved 254
View Reply 14/01/11 19:40:41 Captain Black › Welcome aboard, Andy. We have regular chats on Sundays at 10:30. Do co… Approved 255
View Reply 06/01/11 19:32:57 Caitlin Just leaving a post to say 'hi' know I've joined :) Approved 247
View Reply 07/01/11 18:47:19 Daveyboy › Hello, I am fairly new too, we usually get together in the chat room o… Approved 250
View 08/01/11 14:34:40 Jane Wenham-Jones ›› We usually roll up about 10.30 ish onwards actually. Look forward to c… Approved 251
View Reply 06/01/11 19:33:32 Caitlin › now* sorry, typo :D Approved 248
View 07/01/11 11:44:25 Captain Black ›› Let that be a lesson to you. Always edit and check your work before su… Approved 249
View Reply 03/01/11 14:52:48 Daveyboy Seriously, where is everyone. I am waiting for two of my music videos … Approved 240
View Reply 05/01/11 10:57:08 Jane Wenham-Jones › Hello - I'm here! just changing computers, trying to catch up on a mil… Approved 241
View Reply 27/12/10 11:15:10 Daveyboy I hope everyone feels as fat and as happy as me, and had a lovely Chri… Approved 235
View Reply 24/12/10 15:31:00 MrsE1981 Merry Christmas everyone! Nicola xxxxxx Approved 234
View Reply 17/12/10 09:14:58 wombleuk Bought the book, joined the website and waiting for the t-shirt. Anoth… Approved 224
View Reply 27/12/10 11:17:25 Daveyboy › Thank you for quick and welcoming reply, hope you had a nice Christmas… Approved 236
View Reply 17/12/10 14:26:26 Jane Wenham-Jones › sounds like a plan :-) best jane Approved 228
View Reply 07/12/10 15:20:09 Jane Wenham-Jones HI all - lovely to see new people joining the site. We'll be sorting o… Approved 221
View Reply 03/12/10 15:01:53 siobahn kerry hi, i've just joined too, about 5 minutes ago to be exact. now i have … Approved 217
View Reply 02/12/10 20:43:49 Ken Hi I found this site after seeing the advert in WN have had a look at … Approved 216
View Reply 01/12/10 20:16:24 FrancineHvR Hi, Have just seen this web site featured in Writers' News: hence look… Approved 214
View Reply 05/11/10 13:53:29 Romy Hi, I've just joined. I'm looking for any other writers with mental he… Approved 205
View Reply 01/12/10 12:02:48 Widget › I am no psychologist but creative writing acts as a catharsis yet also… Approved 213
View Reply 31/10/10 18:29:21 Petal Just joined and having fun looking around. I loved Jane's Wannabe a Wr… Approved 201
View Reply 26/10/10 20:57:24 febes Just having a look. See I am not the only Wrimo checking this site out… Approved 199
View Reply 27/10/10 18:34:22 Captain Black › Good luck to you too, febes. Approved 200
View Reply 24/10/10 18:09:38 VJ Liking the site, but busy preparing for my first Nano so expect me bac… Approved 193
View Reply 25/10/10 11:58:09 Captain Black › Thanks VJ. If you want to be a NaNo writing buddy, my profile can be f… Approved 194
View Reply 22/10/10 20:54:16 Victor Meldrew I don't believe it I take me flat cap off to you, 'cos this site is we… Approved 189
View Reply 25/10/10 11:00:56 Captain Black › Welcome aboard Victor and thanks for the comment. Good luck with NaNo. Approved 195
View Reply 18/10/10 16:27:29 Lexia Hello everyone. I have just come across this site and registered. Nice… Approved 187
View Reply 25/10/10 11:03:59 Captain Black › Welcome, Brenda, and thanks for the link. Approved 196
View Reply 15/10/10 22:16:26 Stephanie Jones Hi everybody just wanted to say I read 'wannabe a writer?' and found i… Approved 176
View Reply 17/10/10 09:42:34 Jane Wenham-Jones › Thanks Stephanie! :-) Approved 177
View Reply 08/10/10 17:04:49 Captain Black Hello everyone, This year I've decided to have a go at National Novel … Approved 170
View Reply 11/10/10 15:25:51 leatherdykeuk › Yes, I shall be partaking of the annual madness with a follow-up to th… Approved 175
View Reply 06/10/10 09:31:16 Barry Adams This is just to see if it works for me! All best, everyone. B. Approved 168
View Reply 05/10/10 10:14:49 Captain Black Welcome to the Message Board Here you can leave us comments about the … Approved 171
View Reply 09/10/10 09:15:39 Captain Black › Here is an example of a reply to a message. To stay in thread, reply t… Approved 172
View 10/10/10 11:27:07 Jane Wenham-Jones ›› Just having a play around... :-) Approved 174
View 09/10/10 09:16:11 Captain Black ›› You can even reply to a reply! Approved 173
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