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Meet here for a chat on Sundays at 10:30 (UK time).

If you want to use your own IRC client,

then you'll need the following settings:

Server:  irc.afternet.org
Channel:  #wannabe

If the chat room doesn't display in the space above, then you may need to alter your browser's settings to permit third-party cookies and data.

You can also use the chat room in a separate window, using various free services:


49 Comments for Chat Room

Farlesworthy: 20-Oct-13 17:21:03

The last post I see is from 17/02/2013 - is this correct or have I a problem with my computer??

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Captain Black: 20-Oct-13 17:34:31

Jo's comment is indeed dated as you say. However, the messages are used infrequently compared with the chat room itself. We were here today (20-Oct-2013). Feel free to join in. We chat most Sundays at 10:30 UTC.

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Jo Skehan: 17-Feb-13 10:59:12

I think I'm here.....can you see this Annie?

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janerisdon: 13-May-12 10:12:49

OK I have either missed everyone or I am too early, so I shall try later unless someone sends me a message to say you are all here. bye for now, have a great Sunday.

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Captain Black: 13-May-12 10:22:47

We're chatting :o)

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janerisdon: 13-May-12 10:10:27

Good morning everyone, I have managed to return at last. Hope you are all well.

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dannykemp: 25-Mar-12 11:29:20

Hello again!

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dannykemp: 25-Mar-12 11:19:35

What on earth am I supposed to do now?

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Captain Black: 25-Mar-12 11:26:49

Scroll up a bit, to the black box. Enter name. Click connect. Welcome aboard.

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Barry: 20-Nov-11 11:03:18

4th Attempt. Anyone receiving me? Barry/Wurzel.

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Captain Black: 20-Nov-11 11:16:39

Yes, although it's tricky to comment and chat at the same time (note to software developer!).

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Barry: 20-Nov-11 11:00:45

Third attempt. Anyone receiving me? Barry.

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Barry: 20-Nov-11 10:58:13

Hi All. Are you receiving me? Wurzel.

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Daveyboy: 22-Oct-11 13:17:43

Looking forward to the chat room tomorrow, it will be my last for a few weeks as I go out and about trying to sell and promote my book The Heir of Allegna (pronounced Al-egg-nar)With a little help from Jaynes book brong it on. Still no news from the agency, now that is agony, hope you are all well and keep writing folks X

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Daveyboy: 16-Oct-11 09:01:15

Hello everyone, it is sunday morning and I am ready for the chat room. I have missed so many with one thing or another. I just wanted to say that I still beleive we could all use this message board like our very own Twitter of Facebook page for us writers. It is not easy to come on everyday but, the next time you put a post or tweet; why not come straight here and do the same. If you want to say something about your writing frustrations there is no better place. Lots of love Daveyboy x

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Daveyboy: 25-Sep-11 18:08:12

I can't believe I missed the chat room this morning again. It has been so long and this morning my PC packed up on me. Poo, Poo and thrice Poo! (How do you spell thrice) I will see you next week X

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Daveyboy: 21-Sep-11 18:07:06

hello everyone, I hane not been on for ages. A lot has happened this last month or so including the death of my beloved doggy Brandy. Saying that loosing him broke our hearts just does not seem to cover it. I hope to speak to someone tonight in the chat room which I have not been on forever, best wishes to all. XXX

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Daveyboy: 17-Jul-11 14:16:22

I missed the chat room this morning, oh plums, my wife was doing the great north 10k, imagine organising a large running event at the same time as my chatting obligations...how rude

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Daveyboy: 13-Jul-11 19:04:49

Hello everyone, up to now there is noone in the chat room tonight so I think I will go and put my feet up and watch Lewis. Keep writing everyone, and a big hello to all new members....check out the chat room on a sunday around 10.30am, it is great X

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Daveyboy: 12-Jun-11 13:16:32

Gutted that I have missed 'another' chit chat in the chat room, oh plums!!!

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Daveyboy: 01-Jun-11 18:51:38

I hope you are all very well, it is a shame we dont talk as much we could. I guess life gets in the way. Keep writing everyone xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Jane Wenham-Jones: 01-Jun-11 18:58:46

Just missed you in chat room DB - perhaps catch you next time. Hope all well janex

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Jane Wenham-Jones: 08-May-11 17:10:35

In an effort to get the midweek chats going I'll be in the chat room from 7.45pm on Weds 11th May if anyone would like to come along and .. er... chat! Hope all well with everyone and hope to meet some of you on 10th June janex

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Daveyboy: 28-Apr-11 16:44:09

I have been away for a we while and have missed so much in the chat room, so help me god I will be there on sunday. Hope you all are well XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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Daveyboy: 12-Apr-11 19:07:48

7.30pm tomorrow night! Who's up for a little catch up or introduction. I am sure that half an hour would be enough. See you then. bye for now and happy scribbles as always X

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Captain Black: 13-Apr-11 19:03:25

Well, I was there from 19:30 until 20:00 on Wednesday 13th April. So, where were you?

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Daveyboy: 09-Apr-11 17:27:35

Hello everyone, looking forward to the chat room tomorrow. I have not been on much or left many messages as I have been working some rediculous hours for my mind destroyingly awful job. Oh how I wish I could be a writer, which I guess is the point of this website. Keep scribling all Daveyboy x

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Captain Black: 04-Apr-11 09:10:13

Chat Room Issues

It seems that the AfterNet service and/or the Internet Relay Chat (IRC) system are banning, or at least discouraging, certain Internet Protocol (IP) addresses from connecting. This means that individuals, or perhaps groups in certain localities, are having difficulty connecting to the chat room. It would be useful if we could start making a list of them, so that I can ask useful questions from their support people.

If you do have difficulty connecting, then please leave a comment here, describing the problems you had and (only if you wish) record your IP address or geographic location.

Thanks, Kev.

Comment 312 Reply

Karen Elizabeth: 04-May-11 12:01:49

Hi Kev

Just had that problem you mentioned. Apparently I have an abusive IP address. Have issued an ASBO and reloaded the page and it worked second time round. I'm in the Tadley area of Hampshire.

Hope this helps to resolve the issue x

Comment 346 Reply

Captain Black: 05-May-11 18:21:38

Thanks for the feedback, Karen. I've had the issue myself a couple of times (from Surrey) and have also managed to connect on the second attempt each time.

I'll look into the problem in detail once we have more information.

Comment 348

Barry: 03-Apr-11 10:20:34

Hi Folks

Just tried to enter Chatroom, using Wurzel3 nickname: got "Arab Friends" chatroom and was told I was listed as an abusive caller, so could not proceed (not that I wanted to). Tried again, using nickname (sic) Barry, but got same site (though no longer on their "abusive" blacklist, apparently). I am not making this up; see also my previous comments on the Message Board! Any suggestions as to how to reach Chatroom another day, Kevin? Meanwhile, back to semaphore (though could get out the heliograph today) I look forward to reading your Mission Report, Kevin. The Good Pub Guide review of Portobello Gold is also interesting. Best wishes and happy writing, everyone. Barry.

Comment 310 Reply

Captain Black: 04-Apr-11 09:13:56

The chat room is facilitated by a number of third-party technologies, most of which I have very little control over, unfortunately. Barry, you seem to have connected with the wrong IRC channel (i.e. the wrong chat room). The software should have automatically connected you to the #wannabe channel. May I suggest next time that you delete your web browser's cookies before connecting.

Please also see this message.

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Barry: 03-Apr-11 10:25:58

Wurzel Log Supplementary, Star Date unknown.

Just read your excellent report, Kevin. Informative but not incriminating. Thanks. Barry.

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Caitlin: 02-Apr-11 18:17:39

Not here again Sunday because I will be looking after my Mother... but I doubt there will be many people in the Chat Room any way ;) Next week is Easter hols though, so will definitely see you all then

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Daveyboy: 23-Mar-11 19:27:01

We should maybe chat at request, I.E. does anyone fancy a chat tomorrow etc or how about a regular wednesday at 7.30pm. Good idea my Zen Captain lets pick a day for a mid week chat, I think Abi hit the nail on the head, why not meet more.....

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Captain Black: 29-Mar-11 10:45:10

I will drop by on Wednesday (30th) and see if anybody is here.

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annieye: 16-Jan-11 10:16:02


Apologies for chatroom this morning. Got to go out. May be back by around 11.15 so I'll drop by and see if anyone is still around.


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Captain Black: 20-Dec-10 14:36:42

Regular Chats

A group of us meet in the chat room every Sunday at 10:30. Why not come along and join us there?

There's also an extra chat session planned for Wednesday 22nd December at 20:00.

We talk about anything and everything, including writing!

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annieye: 28-Nov-10 09:38:49

Hi Jane, Kev, Denise, Caz and anyone else who might be in the chatroom this morning.

Apologies for not logging in, once again. Off to see the pups again, hopefully for the last time. They are seven weeks now and we bring them home on Thursday. (But I'm hoping that it will be today, because they are big, sturdy dogs, feeding independently and we are having two of them). Keeping fingers crossed. Will be in the chatroom next Sunday. Hope everyone is OK and writing is going well. Annie xxx

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Barry: 24-Oct-10 09:48:53

Am off for a few minutes to finish a tax return. Wot fun!Back soon. B. aka Wurzel3.

Comment 192 Reply

Barry: 24-Oct-10 09:44:21

Hi Kevin Is it just we two on line at moment? B.

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deniselopar: 17-Oct-10 09:50:40

Is anyone here, page not loading for me?

Comment 181 Reply

Captain Black: 18-Oct-10 10:46:26

It's not working for me either. I'm in Scotland at the moment but I'll look into it when I get back to base.

Comment 186 Reply

Jane Wenham-Jones: 17-Oct-10 09:51:28

Annie and I are trying too. Nuisance.... jxxx

Comment 182 Reply

deniselopar: 17-Oct-10 09:58:10

We could try on the other chat site we used a few times, can't remember the web address though.

Comment 183

Jane Wenham-Jones: 17-Oct-10 09:44:58

Thanks to all of you who have joined the site so far. It's still a work in progress but there'll be new features coming along soon. In meantime, I'm off to the Guildford Book Festival next week www.guildfordbookfestival.co.uk doing events various and my own talk about the new book. Would love to see you there janex

Comment 178 Reply

annieye: 17-Oct-10 09:46:24

Hi Jane

Can't seem to get into the chatroom this morning. Hope you are well. Annie xx

Comment 179 Reply

Captain Black: 25-Oct-10 11:05:08

Chat room should be working now. I ditched the plug-in and replaced it with a different one. Let me know if there are still problems.

Comment 197

Jane Wenham-Jones: 17-Oct-10 09:50:18

Can't get in either. We need Kev!!! :-) Hope you are OK. Looking forward to seeing you in Guildford on Friday. love janexx

Comment 180

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