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Meet here for a chat on Sundays at 10:30 (UK time).

If you want to use your own IRC client,

then you'll need the following settings:

Server:  irc.afternet.org
Channel:  #wannabe

If the chat room doesn't display in the space above, then you may need to alter your browser's settings to permit third-party cookies and data.

You can also use the chat room in a separate window, using various free services:


49 Comments for Chat Room

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View Reply 20/10/13 17:21:03 Farlesworthy The last post I see is from 17/02/2013 - is this correct or have I a p… Approved 589
View Reply 20/10/13 17:34:31 Captain Black › Jo's comment is indeed dated as you say. However, the messages are use… Approved 590
View Reply 17/02/13 10:59:12 Jo Skehan I think I'm here.....can you see this Annie? Approved 478
View Reply 13/05/12 10:12:49 janerisdon OK I have either missed everyone or I am too early, so I shall try lat… Approved 455
View Reply 13/05/12 10:22:47 Captain Black › We're chatting :o) Approved 456
View Reply 13/05/12 10:10:27 janerisdon Good morning everyone, I have managed to return at last. Hope you are … Approved 454
View Reply 25/03/12 11:29:20 dannykemp Hello again! Approved 451
View Reply 25/03/12 11:19:35 dannykemp What on earth am I supposed to do now? Approved 449
View Reply 25/03/12 11:26:49 Captain Black › Scroll up a bit, to the black box. Enter name. Click connect. Welcome … Approved 450
View Reply 20/11/11 11:03:18 Barry 4th Attempt. Anyone receiving me? Barry/Wurzel. Approved 432
View Reply 20/11/11 11:16:39 Captain Black › Yes, although it's tricky to comment and chat at the same time (note t… Approved 433
View Reply 20/11/11 11:00:45 Barry Third attempt. Anyone receiving me? Barry. Approved 431
View Reply 20/11/11 10:58:13 Barry Hi All. Are you receiving me? Wurzel. Approved 430
View Reply 22/10/11 13:17:43 Daveyboy Looking forward to the chat room tomorrow, it will be my last for a fe… Approved 426
View Reply 16/10/11 09:01:15 Daveyboy Hello everyone, it is sunday morning and I am ready for the chat room.… Approved 424
View Reply 25/09/11 18:08:12 Daveyboy I can't believe I missed the chat room this morning again. It has been… Approved 418
View Reply 21/09/11 18:07:06 Daveyboy hello everyone, I hane not been on for ages. A lot has happened this l… Approved 412
View Reply 17/07/11 14:16:22 Daveyboy I missed the chat room this morning, oh plums, my wife was doing the g… Approved 398
View Reply 13/07/11 19:04:49 Daveyboy Hello everyone, up to now there is noone in the chat room tonight so I… Approved 396
View Reply 12/06/11 13:16:32 Daveyboy Gutted that I have missed 'another' chit chat in the chat room, oh plu… Approved 368
View Reply 01/06/11 18:51:38 Daveyboy I hope you are all very well, it is a shame we dont talk as much we co… Approved 358
View Reply 01/06/11 18:58:46 Jane Wenham-Jones › Just missed you in chat room DB - perhaps catch you next time. Hope al… Approved 359
View Reply 08/05/11 17:10:35 Jane Wenham-Jones In an effort to get the midweek chats going I'll be in the chat room f… Approved 350
View Reply 28/04/11 16:44:09 Daveyboy I have been away for a we while and have missed so much in the chat ro… Approved 335
View Reply 12/04/11 19:07:48 Daveyboy 7.30pm tomorrow night! Who's up for a little catch up or introduction.… Approved 322
View Reply 13/04/11 19:03:25 Captain Black › Well, I was there from 19:30 until 20:00 on Wednesday 13th April. So, … Approved 323
View Reply 09/04/11 17:27:35 Daveyboy Hello everyone, looking forward to the chat room tomorrow. I have not … Approved 320
View Reply 04/04/11 09:10:13 Captain Black Chat Room Issues It seems that the AfterNet service and/or the Interne… Approved 312
View Reply 04/05/11 12:01:49 Karen Elizabeth › Hi Kev Just had that problem you mentioned. Apparently I have an abusi… Approved 346
View 05/05/11 18:21:38 Captain Black ›› Thanks for the feedback, Karen. I've had the issue myself a couple of … Approved 348
View Reply 03/04/11 10:20:34 Barry Hi Folks Just tried to enter Chatroom, using Wurzel3 nickname: got "Ar… Approved 310
View Reply 04/04/11 09:13:56 Captain Black › The chat room is facilitated by a number of third-party technologies, … Approved 313
View Reply 03/04/11 10:25:58 Barry › Wurzel Log Supplementary, Star Date unknown. Just read your excellent … Approved 311
View Reply 02/04/11 18:17:39 Caitlin Not here again Sunday because I will be looking after my Mother... but… Approved 309
View Reply 23/03/11 19:27:01 Daveyboy We should maybe chat at request, I.E. does anyone fancy a chat tomorro… Approved 296
View Reply 29/03/11 10:45:10 Captain Black › I will drop by on Wednesday (30th) and see if anybody is here. Approved 300
View Reply 16/01/11 10:16:02 annieye Hi Apologies for chatroom this morning. Got to go out. May be back by … Approved 256
View Reply 20/12/10 14:36:42 Captain Black Regular Chats A group of us meet in the chat room every Sunday at 10:3… Approved 232
View Reply 28/11/10 09:38:49 annieye Hi Jane, Kev, Denise, Caz and anyone else who might be in the chatroom… Approved 210
View Reply 24/10/10 09:48:53 Barry Am off for a few minutes to finish a tax return. Wot fun!Back soon. B.… Approved 192
View Reply 24/10/10 09:44:21 Barry Hi Kevin Is it just we two on line at moment? B. Approved 191
View Reply 17/10/10 09:50:40 deniselopar Is anyone here, page not loading for me? Approved 181
View Reply 18/10/10 10:46:26 Captain Black › It's not working for me either. I'm in Scotland at the moment but I'll… Approved 186
View Reply 17/10/10 09:51:28 Jane Wenham-Jones › Annie and I are trying too. Nuisance.... jxxx Approved 182
View 17/10/10 09:58:10 deniselopar ›› We could try on the other chat site we used a few times, can't remembe… Approved 183
View Reply 17/10/10 09:44:58 Jane Wenham-Jones Thanks to all of you who have joined the site so far. It's still a wor… Approved 178
View Reply 17/10/10 09:46:24 annieye › Hi Jane Can't seem to get into the chatroom this morning. Hope you are… Approved 179
View 25/10/10 11:05:08 Captain Black ›› Chat room should be working now. I ditched the plug-in and replaced it… Approved 197
View 17/10/10 09:50:18 Jane Wenham-Jones ›› Can't get in either. We need Kev!!! :-) Hope you are OK. Looking forwa… Approved 180
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