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Got a problem with your writing that you want help with? Found a good piece of advice you want to share with us? Here's where you can discuss it.


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View Reply 14/04/11 16:47:03 Caitlin Dag nabbit, I started this book over a year ago and I've only just rea… Approved 324
View Reply 28/04/11 16:45:56 Daveyboy › In the words of Dori in Finding Nemo, "Just keep writing, just keep wr… Approved 336
View 05/05/11 19:59:48 Caitlin ›› Aha, that film is great :D Approved 349
View Reply 14/04/11 18:28:24 Captain Black › From my own experience, writing a novel is definitely a marathon rathe… Approved 326
View 15/04/11 08:13:48 Caitlin ›› Thanks, Kev :) Approved 327
View Reply 14/04/11 17:00:27 Caitlin › Then again, it's not exactly going to get better - GCSE prep in Septem… Approved 325
View Reply 19/03/11 20:04:24 Caitlin Gah - major writer's block -.- Maybe I shouldn't have about five stori… Approved 285
View Reply 21/03/11 20:24:25 Daveyboy › I have loads of stories, floating around my head all the time, but I i… Approved 289
View Reply 21/03/11 11:05:05 Captain Black › I had this problem a while back; no less than eight projects on the go… Approved 286
View Reply 30/12/10 10:59:28 siobahn hi, don't know if i'm in the correct place for this but i have a quest… Approved 237
View Reply 09/01/11 12:07:26 Caitlin › Okay then, my e-mail is {address redacted} if you wanna send me someth… Approved 253
View Reply 06/01/11 19:30:17 Caitlin › I would also be more than happy to read, and even offer constructive c… Approved 246
View 08/01/11 15:35:41 siobahn ›› Caitlin, hi, thanks, that is exactly what i want, some constructive cr… Approved 252
View Reply 05/01/11 10:58:51 Jane Wenham-Jones › Entering competitions is a good place to start Siobahn- esp those wher… Approved 242
View 05/01/11 17:40:12 siobahn ›› thanks jane, i'll have a look on the site and see what's what, and if … Approved 244
View Reply 01/01/11 18:47:02 Daveyboy › I think everyones family is a little indifferent about our writing, it… Approved 238
View 05/01/11 17:38:53 siobahn ›› hi Daveyboy that would be brilliant, thanks, but you won't laugh will … Approved 243
View Reply 07/11/10 22:50:09 Mollster Hello lovely people! I've been doing a creative writing course that my… Approved 206
View Reply 07/12/10 14:35:13 Captain Black › Writing a novel is easier in some ways than writing short stories. In … Approved 220
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