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View Reply 13/03/13 12:18:16 Barry Still hoping it goes ahead!Please see my note in "Meetings" section. B… Approved 481
View Reply 26/11/12 20:57:56 Jane Wenham-Jones Looking forward to seeing all who can come along in 2013. When are we … Approved 475
View Reply 24/09/12 18:04:21 Barry Hi Kevin and Everyone I can manage most days, but would prefer to avoi… Approved 472
View Reply 21/09/12 13:46:14 Pam Fish You have my preferences and so as far as I am concerned its looking go… Approved 470
View Reply 19/09/12 15:31:05 Lae All Tuesdays and Wednesdays are +2 for me. Thanks. Approved 468
View Reply 19/09/12 15:45:35 Administrator › Thanks, Lae. Your data have been entered. Approved 469
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