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Evolution & Feedback

We expect this web site never to be "finished". Instead, it will be in a state of continual evolution as we add and improve things. Please do let us know about your ideas and what you think of the site.

Privacy & Security

We respect your privacy and security. Please see the Privacy & Cookies page for details.


This site is designed and implemented with a number of basic philosophies in mind.

  • Usability over fancy styling.
  • Clean layout over cluttered pages.
  • Free from annoying adverts and pop-ups.
  • Standards compliant technologies (see below).
  • No third party advertising, except for selected friends and colleagues.

Release Information

The site was last updated on 9th June 2017, deployed as release 1.8.4. See the release history for more information.

Technical Information

This site is developed using the following technologies and services:

  • TSOHost: web hosting company.
  • XHTML: 1.0 standards compliant eXtensible Hypertext Markup Language.
  • CSS: Cascading Style Sheets. Compliant with level 2 and above.
  • JavaScript: For client-side scripting.
  • PHP: For server-side scripting and programming. Currently using version 5.6.22.
  • MySQL: For database handling. Currently using version 5.7.13.
  • WordPress: For content management. Currently using version 4.7.5.

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