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Wanna Meet Up? VII – Research

It's high time we started planning or seventh Wanna Meet Up lunch. So we have! Please have a think about when would be a suitable time. The sooner the better but, obviously, during the Christmas break would be a bad idea. How about January or February?

Please also feel free to suggest a venue, if you have one in mind. So far, we think The Lamb in Bloomsbury might be suitable.

You can read details of our venue research in a related article.


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Jane Wenham-Jones: 04-Dec-11 11:30:52

Thank you chaps for putting yourselves through this for the greater good :-) Look forward to further discussions xxx

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Barry: 29-Nov-11 10:36:36

Good report, Kev - all the necessary info, omitting the incriminating parts.

I wonder whether January or February would be the best months for the Mark 7 Symposium/Bacchanalia,though. The Ramsgate Event is in January, Writers Weekend in Fishguard is in February (17th to 19th)- though maybe I'm the only Wannabe going to Fishguard? Would March be better? Anyway, I'll try to be there, whenever it is. What do people think?

All best. Barry.

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