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Wanna Meet Up? VI

(05/05/11) (Up)date

The date for the meeting has now been chosen as Friday 10th June. I hope many of you can come along. Please let us know if you're coming, so we can book enough tables. Details of the venue and location are given below. The meeting will be from noon onwards.

See you there!

(31/03/11) Venue Chosen

The location for the sixth Wanna Meet Up? lunch will be the Portobello Gold. Here's the address:

The Portobello Gold
95 / 97 Portobello Road
Notting Hill, London
W11 2QB
Phone: +44 (0)207 460 4910
  Fax: +44 (0)207 243 6566
Email: enquiries@portobellogold.com

I hope as many of you can come along to this as possible. All we need to do now is decide on the date.

(31/03/11) Research

At the crack of noon, Barry and I met at the Costa coffee shop in Notting Hill Gate, where we drank a cup and planned our day's reconnaissance with military precision (cough, splutter). We visited three pubs in all: Windsor Castle, Portobello Gold and Havelock Tavern.

Please see the related article for details.


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View Reply 25/05/11 12:37:35 Captain Black In case anyone was wondering what time the meeting starts, I've update… Approved 357
View Reply 19/04/11 16:17:52 scribbler4 The 6/5 would be my first choice. I can't do 27/5 or 3/6. 20/5 is diff… Approved 332
View Reply 19/04/11 15:03:38 Pam Fish I'll do my utmost to get there if it remains as the 6th May, but best … Approved 331
View Reply 26/04/11 13:02:44 Jane Wenham-Jones › Do hope you can come, Pam. 6th good for me. In fact better than 20th a… Approved 334
View Reply 02/04/11 12:08:50 Jane Wenham-Jones Thanks so much for doing this chaps - am most impressed you could come… Approved 308
View Reply 10/04/11 10:15:23 deniselopar › I'm away from the 20th May till the 4th June, but don't have many othe… Approved 321
View Reply 04/04/11 17:51:40 Captain Black › Any time after Easter is good for me. I gather Fridays are good for mo… Approved 314
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