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Never-ending Competition

The National Association of Writers' Groups launched the “100” competition in early April. The contest is one that NAWG chairman Pam Fish believes has the potential to be the longest-running one ever.

The 100 competition is a rolling, open, on-line writing contest for mini-tales of 100 words. It's made up of sequential rounds: when 100 entries have been received, a prize pot of £ 100 will be divided into a £ 75 first prize and a runner-up prize of £ 25. Then the next round will start and prizes will be awarded when another 100 entries have been accepted. Each round will have a different, but equally well-qualified, judge.

"I'm getting excited already; following the progress of what we are hoping will be a very popular contest, will be great fun," said Pam. "Who can't write 100 words? We believe this to be a unique approach to competitive writing and hope that all 'mini-tale' writers will join in and help to make this the longest-running writing competition ever."

To enter, mini-tales should be exactly 100 words, excluding the title. All mini-tales should be original, unpublished, and aimed at adult readers. Writers do not need to be NAWG members to enter. All submissions must be made through the NAWG web site, via the on-line submissions page.

There's a fee of £ 3 per entry (£ 5.50 for two, £ 8 for three) which may be paid by PayPal. Writers may enter as many times as they like and may win more than one prize.

Full details are on the NAWG web site.

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