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Rosemary Kind

Rosemary Kind
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Hello I'm Rosemary Kind, Managing Director of Alfie Dog Fiction. Alfie Dog was set up 18 months ago to specialise in publishing short stories. In that short time it has already grown to become one of the biggest short story download services on the Internet, with over 1200 stories by more than 300 writers around the world.

Book cover

The natural step from offering individual downloads was to put together short story collections in both e-book and paperback form. So far we have brought out 8 single author collections and 5 multi-author collections. The latest are: 'A Wish for Christmas' – a collection of primarily women's fiction, all with a holiday season theme and 'Read It Again' which has stories for children of all ages. They both launch on November 18th, in plenty of time for Christmas. You can find them on our web site or through Amazon and other leading retailers.

We're always open to submissions too. Not all work is accepted and all work goes through a rigorous editorial process. If you think you have stories of a good enough standard then take a look at our submission guidelines.

Rosemary J. Kind — Managing Director — Alfie Dog Fiction

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