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Introducing the Guest Room

Welcome to the Guest Room.

This is a place where guest visitors can come and stay for a while, to tell us a bit about themselves and what they do.
Watch this space for forthcoming visits.


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MadMarion: 18-Dec-10 13:15:05

Hi I have joined the site today. I graduated in July 2009 from University Wales Lampeter having gain a MA in Creative Writing. We moved to France in September 2009, over a year ago. Last winter I was busy getting settled in and preparing for family coming for Christmas. The spring and summer were spent preparing and tending vegetable garden. The winter is here and I am going to get back into my writing. I think and hope that this site will help me to do that. I have entered a flash fiction competition at http://writelink.co.uk/tinseltales/entryDetail.php?id=127 which will give you a taste of y writing. It is called, 'My Santa Claus is Absent'. If you like it you can vote forme. It is based on my son and daughter-in-law's situation this Christmas. Hope you like it and I would welcome constructive critiscim. mant Thanks

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Captain Black: 20-Dec-10 14:29:55

Welcome aboard and good luck with the competition.

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