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Release History

Here is the release and change history for the project.

# Date Release Summary
09-Jun-2017 1.8.4 Software updates.
10-Feb-2017 1.8.3 Software updates.
04-Aug-2016 1.8.2 New hosting company.
21-Jul-2016 1.8.1 Software updates.
11-May-2016 1.8.0 Major changes including relaxed privacy for comments.
17-Dec-2015 1.7.9 Removed some unused features.
31-Mar-2015 1.7.8 Page Hit Counter removed. Chat room client changed from "Mibbit" to "Kiwi".
05-Dec-2014 1.7.7 WordPress update.
02-Apr-2014 1.7.6 Registration CAPTCHA removed. WordPress updated.
21-Feb-2014 1.7.5 Preparation for module updates.
17-Jan-2014 1.7.4 Cosmetic changes.
18-Oct-2013 1.7.3 Added privacy & security information.
14-Mar-2013 1.7.2 WordPress update & images re-organisation.
08-Mar-2013 1.7.1 New book shop.
28-Jan-2013 1.7.0 Directory and other navigation improvements. Major code refactoring for improved robustness.
19-Sep-2012 1.6.2 Meetings voting calendar facility added. WordPress update.
22-Aug-2012 1.6.1 Registration CAPTCHA added. Database administration pages developed.
29-Jun-2012 1.6.0 Added Contacts Exchange page.
25-Apr-2012 1.5.11 WordPress update.
24-Apr-2012 1.5.10 Database repair and maintenance.
28-Mar-2012 1.5.9 Many issues resolved. Hard-coded content moved into WordPress pages.
21-Dec-2011 1.5.8 Home page reorganised.
18-Nov-2011 1.5.7 Message board reorganised.
13-Oct-2011 1.5.6 Search widget added to site tools panel. Directory & index system added.
19-Aug-2011 1.5.5 WordPress update. Image handling improvements.
29-Jul-2011 1.5.4 Subscription for e-mail notifications. Code refactoring.
21-Jun-2011 1.5.3 WordPress update. Competitions results page.
17-Jun-2011 1.5.2 Custom login & registration screens.
06-May-2011 1.5.1 Moved all images into a different sub-domain.
29-Apr-2011 1.5.0 Merged changes from branch 1.4.3.
11-Apr-2011 1.4.5 Added the Frome Festival Short Story competition.
08-Apr-2011 1.4.4 Added sixth WMU lunch event. Added tests.
18-Feb-2011 1.4.3 Counts for news headlines on home page. Administrative e-mail facility. WordPress updated to 3.0.5.
07-Jan-2011 1.4.2 Added web sites column to users list. WordPress updated to 3.0.4.
08-Dec-2010 1.4.1 WordPress updated to 3.0.2.
22-Nov-2010 1.4.0 Automated the news headlines and coming soon lists on the home page. Added feed links and users list pages. Added Wanna Meet Up? photos.
29-Oct-2010 1.3.0 Added: page hit counter, image gallery, site management. Members can now leave feedback on the books.
21-Oct-2010 1.2.0 Chat room: replaced phpFreeChat plug-in with Mibbit Ajax IRC.
12-Oct-2010 1.1.1 Improved and clarified instructions in registration e-mail for new members.
09-Oct-2010 1.1.0 Guest room is now top-level category, rather than hiding under News.
05-Oct-2010 1.0.1 Out-of-date competitions are no longer displayed.
01-Oct-2010 1.0.0 First public release.
29-Sep-2010 0.7.0 Added images of Jane with wine and Kev with beer! Added Guest Room and Jo's Weekly Workout.
25-Sep-2010 0.6.0 First beta testing release.
18-Sep-2010 0.5.0 External links page added.
25-Aug-2010 0.4.0 Imported posts from Wanna Meet Up? blog.
21-Aug-2010 0.3.0 Added details of 2007 novel writing competition, plus other previous events.
16-Aug-2010 0.2.0 Added Wannabe books 1 & 2 to the shop. Re-used most of the material from the old Moonfruit site.
07-Aug-2010 0.1.0 Early experiments.
31-Jul-2010 0.0.0 Bare bones.
Description, Changes & Notes for Release 1.8.4
  • Updates to WordPress core and software packages.
Feature, Content & Behavioural Changes
  • Images are now hosted here, rather than in a sub-domain.
Code Changes

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